Video Communication & Copywriting

Grow your business with the power of Hollywood storytelling & media.

Since before ancient Rome, leaders have understood the
power of Bread & Circus to move the masses.

Are you one of those leaders?

Details Matter.

We strive for nothing short of perfection in media and mass communication.

We provide highly effective copywriting, story selling, and media production services to growing companies.

We can help you entertain, attract, persuade, and educate your audience.

Copywriting & Communications

We provide communication services and consulting packages to discerning clientele.

Whether you need a content marketing audit, homepage copywriter, investor communication video or “crystal ball” go-to-market strategy created, we’d like to help.

Video Production

We can provide you leverage through video and media production in a wide range of product styles from recorded powerpoint webinars on demand, to short social media videos, to full Hollywood-style film production.

Who do you need to reach?




Happy Clients


Global Crew


1 Video Could Grow Your Business

How can we move the needle for you?

Video & mass communication can provide you the leverage needed to affect meaningful change.

Sales Leverage System

Spend more time closing and less time on basic education with a "Video SDR Bot". We can analyze your sales flow & automate the first 80%, then flow traffic into a scheduler for closing.

Investor Communication

Whether you need a Reg A video presentation for a $50M Raise or a crowdfunding sizzle reel, we can clarify and communicate your message effectively to reach meaningful goals.

Marketing Waterfall

Let our skilled team take tiny videos or even a single campaign idea and spin it up into dozens of media assets to help attract, persuade, and educate your audience. Don't have an audience yet? We can help.

Messaging Research

Want to go-to-market for your company or a portfolio brand? Has growth stalled between early adopters and early majority? We can rigorously test and optimize your message until it resonates and snaps people into attention.

Explainer Videos

Demo your benefits & persuade your audience in a range of styles including animated explainer videos, manifesto videos to shape identity, recorded webinars converted into short sales media and more to showcase your benefits.

HR & Internal Processes

Want to recruit an army of sales affiliates? We've done it - using video sales / recruiting funnels. Onboarding & training is then delivered via video, leveraging your leadership and expertise.

Why Use Video?

Our #1 skill is providing time leverage to business owners.

Works 24/7/365

Video can be your best sales rep, on their best day, and never needs a break or has an off day.

Short Attention Spans

People will watch a 3 minute video far more readily than reading something for 3 minutes early in the buying cycle.

Increase Referrals

92% of video consumers share videos with others. If you have more complex benefit, this alone helps sales.

Improve Retention

85% of consumers say they want to see more video from brands. Data retention increases - along with trust.

Faster Understanding

Video is information dense. It contains style, can demonstrate complex topics, and tap emotional hooks.

Boost Conversion

Videos are 53x more likely to get on organic ranking on page 1 of Google because consumers love it.

Indoctrinate Users

Because video can show, sell, and include style at the same time, your brand personality can shine.

Reduce Bounce Rates

Video is passive, so you're more likely to engage cold web traffic on your message to start indoctrination.

How It Works

All projects start with a simple conversation about where you are now, and where you need to go.


To whom do you need to communicate what message? What will success look like? What's the distribution strategy?

Get a Proposal

We'll create a detailed estimate on how to reach your objectives with time schedules and deliverables.


We'll make the process as easy as possible, and provide milestones if appropriate.

What style do you Prefer?

We can work with a variety of styles including webcam, selfie-video, remote crew, or in person, animated, screencast, recorded webinar & more.

In Person

Visit in person with a video vacation in beautiful Charleston, SC. We can also arrange crew on premise at your facility.

Webcam or Selfie

Get us webcam or phone video and we can edit, clean up, and add graphics to polish it up.

As Your Staff

We can act as one of your team and deliver presentation based on outline or script.

What Our Clients Say

Just a small sampling from our more than 200 projects.

Bruce Mack

Excellent work, and Roger is my go-to guy for every video project, and often helps with our copywriting as well.

Bruce Mack
Park City, UT
Tim Dyckman

Always delivers, helps me clarify my message, and with great qualify for a reasonable cost. I recommend.

Tim Dyckman
Sacramento, CA

Did a great job on our first video, and is already tasked with some more. Nice work.

Katherine White
Asheville, NC